Friday, 14 May 2010

Personal and Professional Development Task 5

LinkedIn Profile and CV
You are required to produce your web based CV using Linked in and a standard two page CV

My media presence will be initially created through the following:

I've now signed up to LinkedIn.
If any one would like to contact/network with me please click the LinkedIn Logo below.

I've begun to network and started joining as many Maya networks as possible.

As well as signing upto LinkedIn I'm also currently networking on a more more professional based Facebook account and on Twitter. Please click the logo's below to be re-directed to my relevant pages:


I've also purchased Web Domain Name so that I can Begin to build my site and promote myself further

I have began to clean up my exiting models with a view to uploading them to turbo squid and similar sites. These are sites that allows the sale of personal models and they take a % of that sale. this will allow for me to begin gaining an income from 3D Modeling

I have been registered for several months on the C.G. Society website.
over the past weeks I have being giving websites a closer look and have found that I'm able to bid for jobs. potential customers visit the site and leave forum posts detailing the work they require to be completed.
when time permits I will looking to undertake work of this nature and will be checking for new posts as and when they come up.

As a little money maker i've signed up to sites sutch as

where I can sell the models I've made for a small profit
I decided to take this step after various requests for models I've already built.

My up to date CV as of May 2010

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