Friday, 14 May 2010

Personal and Professional Development Task 7

Developing your brand and development of your showreel/portfolio as appropriate.

You're are expected to present your brand and a range of work that will feature in your showreel or presentation. You are also to identify where you will be looking for work and if it is local, national or international and the strategy that you are going to adopt for contacting people.

I've registered with various recruitment agency's, all u.k. based for the time being, as I'd like to remain fairly local to Leeds or within a reasonable driving distance.
I'll be trying to get into a paid job upon graduating but failing this I intend to do work placements to gain a working experience in my chosen field.

The places I've set up profiles in are:

Creative Personnel
Interactive Selection
Smooth Devil
My JobRapido
Aardvark Swift
Creative Heads
Production Base

As well as uploading my C.V where ever possible I'm going to post off my C.V to local companies.
I'll also try for a more personal approach, by making a personal visit to the more local businesses.

The local businesses I wish to send CV's to are listed below:

3D Design, Nottingham
Virtual Designs, Leeds
Atum Studios, Sheffield
Giant Robot, Leeds

my plan ultimately will be to have a digital CV containing hyperlinks to more recent works available. this will allow for me to get my brand accross to many more potential employers than a paper CV ever could. once paper CV have been sent out if I receive no response my digital CV will be sent as a followup.

I would hope that after receiving my CV's company's would be in touch however due to the volume of CV's they receive this may not be possible in which case I will proactively get back in touch with them for any constructive feedback they could give me around my portfolio

In addition I've bought the Domain Name where a website can be built and promote myself further

This is the most up to date showreel at the moment it is a work in progress I intend adding to it as well as modifying what is currently in the showreel

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